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Chinese Cultural Rev
Updated: 5/11/2020
Chinese Cultural Rev
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Storyboard Description

This storyboard takes us through the Chinese Cultural Revolution Unit, starting at the Chinese Civil war, going into The Cultural Revolution and Re-education, then finally Modern Day China.

Storyboard Text

  • Chinese Civil War
  • We use the six Principles to win over the citizens of China!! Mao will lead us to VICTORY
  • We've got more people, and we have been in power over the past years, you can't do anything!
  • Aliance against Japan
  • Reign under Mao
  • Mao, is our savior, Mao is our leader, Mao is life
  • The Chinese Nationalists and Communists go to war... They pair up for a while, (explained in next panel) however, the Communists ultimately win after this.
  • Re-education
  • I can't believe that with Mao in charge I'm stuck farming for the rest of my life.  It's like I am learning everything all over again...
  • It is almost as if Mao wants out with the old, in with the new...
  • During the midst of the civil war, Japan invades China and forces the two sides to team up to defeat this other power.
  • Chinese Millionaires
  • Why is my gift so small?! I told you what I wanted!
  • It's okay darling, I'm sure we can get you what you want.
  • After Mao takes over many things take place, the Cultural Revolution, the Red Army with their little red books take over, and re-education takes place.
  • Modern Day China (COVID-19)
  • There used to be tourists here every day...
  • Smart, educated citizens were sent to farms to be re-taught how to live life the way that Mao wanted things.
  • It is what it is son, you weren't young enough to be in that red-army of his, you already had a job and were too smart.
  • After Mao's death companies are privatized, leading to a handful of people gaining lots and lots of money fast, this led to Chinese millionaires.
  • Well this is what you get! Be grateful, there are people out there without our money!
  • Today, China is the starting place of the infamous Coronavirus, and as it continues to spread and worsen, it continues to give China a bad reputation.
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