english work week 4
Updated: 7/7/2020
english work week 4
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  • please calm down m'am
  • Really you're that immature that you had to block the roads off some people are unbelievable you really have no respect for the community look what you have done do you really call this helping your hurting innocent people who are trying to stand up to people like you because things like this happen .
  • i’m just doing as I was commanded by my boss and most of this was the fault of the protesters. They didn’t have to come out to do this , this whole thing was unnecessary so they have no write to blame us officers? We do so much for everyone and they thank us by protesting ? Who keeps everyone safe ? Who arrests criminals ? the police and now you are calling us the villains you should be ashamed of yourselves .
  • this was a completely safe peaceful protest before you showed up there was no violence no one got injured but then this happened and everything is all over the place it's chaotic . You really shouldn’t have this job if you're going to make things worse. People are getting arrested for standing up for themselves and friends or family .
  • Your all being ridiculous it is just as much the police as it is the protesters the police didn’t have to come and make it violent but the protesters could have been a little quieter because no one was really bothered by it the only reason im bothered is the violence almost caused some other people to be scared which isn’t the fault of the protesters .So everyone please calm down and police the protesters have a good reason so if we could all stop with the violence it is completely unnecessary
  • Except it isn’t really the fault of the police at all
  • You can’t put this on us, we didn’t do anything wrong , they’re the ones who came down here with guns and other weapons. What do we have ? signs what harm can a few signs do ? You are trying to blame us because you know you're in the wrong so can’t you just leave us alone we were completely fine without you
  • Except it isn’t really the fault of the police at all
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