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Updated: 9/16/2020
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CFC/Ozone explaining

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  • Hello, my name is Bob. Today I'm going to talk about CFC's and give a small house tour, lets go!
  • CFC's were commonly used in fridges and air conditioners, and were used for cooling.
  • This is my kitchen. I have a stove, sink and a fridge.
  • I don't have it seen, but I have a mini fridge, that would leak CFC's into the atmosphere.
  • This is my lovely bedroom.
  • When CFC's leaked in the atmosphere, they would stay there for a long time, decades even!
  • This is my bathroom. It is medium sized.
  • CFC's in the atmosphere broke down 03 and destroyed the Ozone layer.
  • This is my living room. Its the last room in my house.
  • ClO + O3 -> Cl + 2 O2Cl is free again to react with another ozone in reaction 2
  • I'm going to explain how the Ozone gets broke down.
  • C Cl3 F -> C Cl2 + Cl Ultraviolet light from the sun breaks off a chlorine molecule.
  • Cl + O3 -> ClO + O2Cl is highly reactive
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