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The Odyssey
Updated: 3/10/2020
The Odyssey
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  • Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom
  • Telemakhos, Prince of Ithaca
  • Poseidon, God and King of the Sea
  • Oh yeah, it's big [wave] time.
  • Athena is the grey-eyed goddess of war and wisdom, often depicted with a spear, helmet, and/or shield. She has a preference for the mortal Odysseus, and helped him out. She does so in many forms, including a little girl, a sea hawk, Mentor, and Mentes. She convinced Zeus to help Odysseus to be freed from Kalypso, and got him to safety, as well as guiding his son down the right path.
  • Odysseus, King of Ithaca
  • Telemakhos is the son of King Odysseus and Queen Penelope, and Prince of Ithaca. He is upset by the annoying and persistent suitors after his mother, whose husband - and the king, Odysseus - is presumed dead in the Trojan War. Unknowingly guided by Athena, he goes to find news of his father's true status and whereabouts.
  • Nausikaa, Princess of Phaeacia
  • Poseidon is the god of the sea. While basically all the other gods like or love Odysseus, Poseidon is angry with him. Odysseus is the mortal who stabbed the eye out of his cyclops son Polyphemus. His waves attack Odysseus when he tries to sail on his raft away from the nymph Kalypso (though luckily Odysseus survived the attack).
  • Penelope, Queen of Ithaca
  • Odysseus is the King of Ithaca. After his battle in Troy, he went through a long horrendous journey. He eventually lands on an island and is saved by a nymph named Kalypso, but then held captive by her. He is let go through a message from Hermes. He sails on a small raft which gets attacked by Poseidon's angry waves, and ends up on the island Phaeacia. He befriends the royals and shares his whole tale to them.
  • "Only my ashes will see the sea"-Lex, Black Friday
  • Nausikaa is the Daughter of King Alcinous and Queen Arete, and Princess of Phaeacia. In a dream, Athena disguised herself as the princess's best friend, and convinced her to go out and wash her wedding linens. When she did so, she came across the stranded Odysseus. She helps him out, gets him bathed and clothed, and offers a good way to get off the island and go home.
  • Penelope is the Queen of Ithaca. She is being utterly tormented by the suitors, as they all believe her husband - the king, Odysseus - was lost to war. If anyone married her, they'd rule Ithaca and have a gorgeous wife. All she can think about is her husband, who is likely dead.
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