don't judge
Updated: 3/3/2020
don't judge

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  • Today, we're gonna talk about how you shouldn't judge people by the way they are or how they look
  • Gross! I don't like the way she looks!!
  • I know, Right?
  • Susan. Why were you making fun of Tanya?
  • Stay out of this!!!
  • Whoa! why are you making fun of her? What did she do to you?
  • Because, uhh, I don't know
  • Hey loser! Or should I say¨Hey Ugly¨
  • What did I ever do to you!? :(
  • What's wrong?
  • Susan knows why I'm so different so she decidd to start being a bully and called me names.
  • Don't you know not to judge people by the way they look?
  • well you should
  • No I don't know that
  • I guess I should
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