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  • The Articles of Confederation was the first ever United states constitution. The AOC consisted of a loose friendship between the 13 states and the federal government had little power. If this was so there would be no supreme ruler like in Britain.
  • One significant weakness of the AOC was that each state printed their own money.
  • This was a huge problem. Imagine in you traveled to a state with their own money and the money you had suddenly became useless.
  • Another significant weakness of the AOC was that it took 9 out of 13 states to pass a law
  • Imagine trying to get 9 out of 13 people to decide on how a county should run. Since this was the case, laws were very hard to pass.
  • The Northwest Ordinance which was made in 1787 stated that the land West of the Appalachian mountains would be divided up. This happened so the land could be developed and one day the land could turn into states.
  • When a territory reached 5,000 free male inhabitants it could elect a traditional legislature. When a territory had 60,000 free male inhabitants it could become a state.
  • One right settlers west of the Appalachian Mountains had was religious freedom. This was important because if people wanting to move West of The Appalachian Mountains were told what religion to practice hardly anyone would want to move there.
  • As a result of the Northwest ordinance there was no slavery allowed in the territory west of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Shays rebellion convinced many that the AOC was a failed government because the amount of things the new central government couldn't do. The new government couldn't enforce laws, couldn't raise revenue, and didn't have any power to stop Shays rebellion.
  • Shays rebellion was led by Daniel Shay. This rebellion was against the high taxes that farmers could not pay which meant they couldn't keep their homes. This also meant they lost the right to vote. To stop foreclosures on homes Daniel Shay and other farmers went to the courthouses to have a non-peaceful protest.
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