6 types of gamers
Updated: 12/5/2019
6 types of gamers

Storyboard Text

  • I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • The Noob: new to the game, has no idea how to play.
  • The Camper: Always hides in the same place the whole game, calls everyone noobs.
  • HaHa Noob!
  • The Squeaker: Too young to play the game. Has a high pitched voice, really annoying, always screams, overly angry.
  • YOU SUCK!!!
  • The Mobile gamer: thinks he's a real gamer even though he's not... he will never be a real gamer.
  • The "rich" kid: Buys all the new cosmetics for the game and thinks he is good because of his skins. Nobody likes them.
  • I used my moms credit card to buy $275 worth of useless skins.
  • The ex-gamer: used to play games but quit a while ago. Gets happy memories every time they think about it.