Animal Farm Allegory
Updated: 11/30/2020
Animal Farm Allegory

Storyboard Text

  • The Destruction of the Windmill
  • The destruction of the windmill represents a defeat for the animals and is the start of the farm's downfall
  • Snowballs Expulsion
  • Snowballs expulsion represents the beginning of Napoleons ruthless dictatorship
  • The seven commandments represent the start of Animal farm and the base for the revolution (Battle of Cowshed)
  • The destruction of Stalingrad was very similar to the destruction of the windmill as they both led to a loss in something they worked hard for
  • Stalin banishes Trotsky due to a want of power with his secret Police in the same matter Napoleon got rid of Snowball
  • The April Theses was a book written to show the bases of Communism, just like the Seven Commandments
  • April Theses