Justice and Forgiveness DO go hand in hand
Updated: 3/11/2020
Justice and Forgiveness DO go hand in hand

Storyboard Description

Octavia and Bellamy are siblings who are at odds over a mans death. Will Octavia get the man justice? Will she forgive Bellamy? Read to find out! By: Reagan Faulkner

Storyboard Text

  • Octavia? Octavia! You need to get up!
  • I heard the soldiers! We need to run! Now is not the time for you to still be mad at me, we need to work together or we will both be killed!
  • Why Bellamy? What is going on? I told you to leave me alone!
  • Bellamy, you had no right to help kill that man.
  • Octavia, now is not the time for a lecture. You can get justice or for that man later.
  • Besides, you barely even knew him!
  • At least I knew him at all. He was a great guy, but you killed him; so you wouldn't know...
  • O, Will you ever forgive me? Or will you forever hold this against me?
  • None of this was my fault Bell! This all happened because of you!
  • I am sorry O. What else do you want me to say???
  • I forgive you!!
  • I AM SORRY!!
  • I will help you get justice for that man!