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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Oh dear the king is mad!
  • I declare Greece to go after this Paris!
  • I have a feeling I will die
  • Thank you brother
  • Of course father
  • You shall protect us
  • Give success to the Trojans
  • Menelaus comes back home finding his wife Helen missing, knowing who took her. Menelaus declares Greece to attack Troy, after what Paris did.
  • Hector, one of Priam's son, knew to protect Troy with all his bravery and strength. Yet, he believes he will die before the war will end.
  • Achilles' mother was angry due to her son being sent into the war between Greece and Troy, knowing Achilles would die. Later that night, she asked Zeus for success to Troy.
  • After Achilles left the war and was pleaded to come back, Achilles best friend Patroclus acted as him and died. In anger, Achilles came back and slew Hector in revenge.
  • Achilles remembered what his mother said, and knew he would soon die. He slew Memnon, which would be his final battle. Later, Paris killed Achilles with an arrow this includes the help of Apollo to guide it.
  • The Greeks saw that they could attack Troy in surprise, but they needed a plan of how to do so. Odysseus come with the idea to build a wooden horse, to enter the city and to hide several men inside.
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