Broken Blade by Taylor Nelson
Updated: 4/16/2020
Broken Blade by Taylor Nelson

Storyboard Text

  • One Saturday morning Pierre woke up to his dad doing his chore. Pierre drifted back to sleep and then there was a accident. Pierre quickly ran outside and he saw his mom kneeling by his father. His father thumb was chopped off.
  • POW
  • After leaving St. Anne's they walked to their awaiting canoes. By late afternoon the brigade reached the wide place in Ottawa River. Its half and half on how he got along with his brigade because in the beginning he got teased a lot but he was good friends with some of them. His muscles ached and his hands were puffy and blistery. He was homesick and he felt like his dad should have been there not him.
  • They ended up running the rapids. Their speed was more then doubled the speed by the swift current. Pierres heart was racing. Mckays canoe flying out of the chute above Pierres canoe. It was heading straight for Pierres canoe. La Londe lost his footing and then he was gone.
  • It was crazy crossing. They ended taking a cut through a huge bay called Michipicoten. The wind blew with fury so they had to stay on the island another day. It was bad because lots of fighting going on. Beloit got knocked unconscious.
  • He ate dog. Survival foods are, hazelnuts, cattail root and beaver. Pierre went on a hike on the hill behind the fort. He saw pretty girl. She asked him if he liked Gitchegammi referring the berries in her basket.
  • The brigade arrived in Lanchine. Pierre started his way home. Pierre stopped by Dr. Gilliards house and saw Celeste. He got to his backyard and surprised his dad.