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The Laws of Newton PT2
Updated: 3/25/2020
The Laws of Newton PT2
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  • Another example, the giant beach ball was rolling away til Arnold stopped it. Arnold is the unbalanced force, he was the one who caused the ball to stop moving.Now the ball is at rest.
  • Or simply picking up a rock that was once at rest but now is moving with Keesha. Plus, you (Carlos) that once had the rock that was moving then you dropped it on the ground, it's thats at rest.
  • Now onto Newton's 2nd Law stating,"The acceleration of an object is dependent upon two variables - the net force acting upon the object and the mass of the object."In other words, the more the object weighs-the more force it would take to make the object move.
  • For this demonstration, I weigh heavier than Arnold and he weighs less than me.If you put Arnold and I into different carts, even having two others pushing us.Keesha has to put more force into pushing me so I can move since I am heavy.Carlos puts less force on pushing Arnold because he is light to push around.
  • Heres another one! The metal ball plus tennis ball have the same size and shape.Poor Carlos, he tried his best but next time he needs to put more force for the metal ball to move. The metal ball has no air, which makes it need force.Arnold succeeds! Since the tennis ball is lighter with its air inside, it bounces on the ground to land more further. And it takes less force to throw it.
  • Lastly, Keesha and I are having a Tug of War.One person has greater force to the east, and the other had weaker force to the west.I am the one with larger force causing Keesha to start going in the direction I pull (east).In the end, I win. Because I had more strength than she had.
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