Aurangzeb and the decline of the Mughal Epire
Updated: 6/24/2020
Aurangzeb and the decline of the Mughal Epire
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  • TAX
  • My empire has become very large and hence I have appointed officials to look after the empire.
  • While Aurangzeb is away I will use illegal ways to rule the land.
  • Aurangzeb's policies
  • The successors were incompetent and incapable and lived a lavish lifestyle.
  • I will become the emperor.
  • The large empire was very difficult to administer and the officials and mansabdars became corrupt and used illegal methods to rule the land
  • You can set up your trading in the subcontinent.
  • All the money was being spent on wars with marathas and afghans and on architecture due to which mughals faced financial problems as the treasury became empty
  • Many wars of succession took place and emperors were killed ferequently
  • The arrival of the British was the biggest reason for decline
  • We East India Company are her for the trade.
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