Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace.

Updated: 3/18/2021
Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace.

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Fredrickson:Good morning Beth! What can I do for you?
  • Beth:Good morning sir. I was wondering if it would be alright if I leave early today to see my mother in the hospital?
  • Tracy:Hey there's Beth. I though she was supposed to be at the hospital with her mother.
  • Mr. Fredrickson:Of course Beth that should be no problem I hope your mother gets well soon.
  • Beth:Thank you sir I'll make sure to let her know.
  • Tracy: I wonder if should tell Mr. Fredrickson that Beth lied about visiting her mother.
  • Beth: By Tracy I'll see you tomorrow. I'm heading out to see my mother. Thanks for covering for me.
  • Tracy:Of course Beth no problem. Please send your mom my best wishes!
  • Beth:I am so glad that my boss let me go early. Now I can make that big sale at the mall.