Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • State the situation
  • list options
  • Weigh possible outcomes H.E.L.P
  • Kellie is going to her friend charlies birthday party at her house.Kellie was told that there would only be a few people and there would be no drugs or drinking. Kellie shows up to the party and right as she walks in people are offering her a drink.
  • Consider religious values, morals, ethics
  • Kellie could go home or just try to get out of that situation
  • Make the decision
  • If Kellie stays at the party...H (Healthy) - it would NOT be healthy for Kellie to stay in that environmentE (ethical) - It would be unethical for her to stay at the partyL (legal) - She should not stay because there is drugs and underage drinking A (approval) - Kellies parents would not be okay with this
  • Evaluate and reflect
  • Kellies morals are telling her that she should not be at this party and that she should leave
  • Kellie decides to say happy birthday to charlie and leaves the party
  • Kellie made a good decision to leave the party because later that night it got busted by the cops and kids got in trouble
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