story board 2
Updated: 1/29/2021
story board 2

Storyboard Text

  • Whilst the humans are examining the spaceship the aliens raid the houses for food and shelter.
  • When the humans come back they see the aliens have made themselfs at home.
  • One of the humans starts to call the police, but some of the other humans say that they arent that bad. 
  • rain alien languageknocking on doors.
  • There is a fight between the humans deciding if they should phone the police and take them away or look after them.
  • people talkingeating noiseslaughing
  • They make a deal to look after them for 2 days and if they arent behaving then phone the police.
  • snoring talkingclose up shotphone noises
  • The humans teach the aliens english and they figure out that they enjoy the same thing.
  • shoutingclose up
  • chattinglong shot
  • mid shotchattinglaughing