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King vs. Pope
Updated: 10/1/2020
King vs. Pope
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  • The Pope Claims Christians
  • I think that i should have power over every christian
  • I don't think that;s a good idea?
  • The people contemplate whether icons should be worshiped
  • Our icons come from our churches and homes!
  • No! We shouldn't even worship them like that! They are not objects, they are meant to teach us.
  • The Emperor gives up on trying to solve the difference
  • This fight, needs to stop! It is tearing us apart.
  • You know what! I'm done, its no use.
  • The Pope claimed he had authority, and more power over the Patriarchs, and all Christians. But the emperor disagreed.
  • The Emperor and Pope Compromise
  • Maybe we should just rule them on our own!
  • That could work. From now on, each church will have its own leader
  • The people went into debate about the use of icons, and questioned whether icons come from their homes, churches, or even if they should worship them at all.
  • The Pope and Emperor choose Sides
  • I'll take over the Western church!
  • The emperor tried to stop the controversy about worship of icons, but eventually gave up. The conflict was put aside, however, it left a sense of mistrust among the Eastern and Western churches.
  • The Eastern Church grew further away from the catholic religion
  • Christianity..
  • What are they learning about?
  • Everything eventually led to evolution of two religious traditions, known as the Great Schism, which means, "split, or division".
  • The eastern tradition became known as the Eastern Orthodox church, under the rule of the Byzantine Emperor, and the Patriarchs. Meanwhile, the head of the Western Church was the Pope.
  • I Guess that leaves me with the Eastern Church, at least I'll have the help of the patriarchs.
  • Over time, the churches became further and further apart, and their differences began grow, such as language, and the eastern church continued to move on from Catholicism slowly.
  • Nothing important.
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