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the big LIon
Updated: 3/26/2020
the big LIon
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  • How The Lion Made Friends
  • Mr. Lion was the scariest and meanest lion out there. He lived in a dark and smelly cave at the end of the woods. Nnobody went near the cave, not even the birds.
  • Mr. Lion had no one to talk to, because he was quit mean, and took the other animals' food. Mr Lion didn't really care that no one would play with him and kept going on with his day.
  • Each day at the sametime Mr. Lion would go out of his cav and go get food. Everyone knew to go and hide and take their food, because if Mr. Lion saw you he would want you for lunch.
  • One day Miss Bird went to find out why Mr. Lion was so mean to everyone around him. She flew over the trees and to his cave to go and talk to him. When she flew into the cave, Mr. Lion let out a big growl that sent Miss Bird fly head over tail feathers out of the dark and smelly cave. Mr. Lion was actually quite happy that Miss Bird came to talk to him but he didn't know how to control his anger.
  • The next day Mr.Lion was in a better mood and went for a walk. None of the animals knew he was coming out of his cave so they coundn't go and hide. Some of them worked up the courage to go and speak to Mr. Lion about why he is so mean. Mr. Lion stopped and thought to himself, "why am I so mean to others?" He went back to his cave to think about why he treated others the way he did.
  • The next day Mr. Lion went out to talk to all of the animals and apologize to them for being so mean. He asked if they could forgive him and be friends. All of the amianls cheered and said "yes! We forgive you and would love to be your friend!" Then all of the animals went off to go and swim together in the water hole. Mr. Lion learned that day that being that being kind can go a long way to making friends.
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