Coco Summary
Updated: 11/5/2020
Coco Summary

Storyboard Text

  • Miguel and Hector are thrown into a sinkhole. They find out that they are family, and Ernesto was not Miguel’s great-great grandfather.
  • Imelda’s spirit animal fish out Miguel and Hector. Miguel explains to his dead family that Hector was unable to return home because he was murdered by Ernesto.
  • Miguel’s family all help to retrieve Hector’s photo from Hector. Hector’s secret was revealed to thousands of people. Miguel receives Imelda’s blessing with no conditions and returns to the ‘Land of the Living’
  • Miguel plays ‘Remember Me’ to Coco. She takes out the torn section of the photo and gives it to Miguel. The family is able to put back Imelda and Hector’s photo back on the ofrenda and Hector is finally to cross the marigold bridge and see his family.
  • Miguel leaves Hector. He gets into Ernesto’s party and meets him. Miguel reveals to Ernesto that he is his great-great grandson.
  • Hector exposes Ernesto in front of Miguel. Miguel and Hector figure out that Ernesto poisoned Hector to steal his songs.
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