Chapter 5
Updated: 12/19/2019
Chapter 5
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This are the scenes that stood out to my the most, i understand that there was 6 layouts instead of 4-5 but i needed the other slide.

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  • Big Ma is on her way to the Market in Strawberry, she takes Cassie, Stacey, and T.J. This the first time Cassie will be able to go to Strawberry, she's very excited for it. Click To EditBig Ma, Cassie, Stacey, and T.J. go down to the market in Strawberry. This is the first time Cassie will able to be in Strawberry Help Insert ParagraphUndoes the last commandRedoes the last commandTabUntabSet a bold styleSet a italic styleSet a underline styleSet a strikethrough styleClean a styleSet left alignSet center alignSet right alignSet full alignToggle unordered listToggle ordered listOutdent on current paragraphIndent on current paragraphChange current block's format as a paragraph(P tag)Change current block's format as H1Change current block's format as H2Change current block's format as H3Change current block's format as H4Change current block's format as H5Change current block's format as H6Insert horizontal Summernote 0.8.11 · Project · Issues
  • They arrive at Strawberry, Cassie did expect Strawberry to look like this. She imagined Strawberry to be a fascinating place but it was small, rundown, muddy town and she seem disappointed.
  • They arrive at the market, Big Ma parks her wagon all the way in the back, but Cassie cant seem to understand why. After the market end T.J. suggest that they go to the mercantile and shop there. They think its not a good idea due to T.J. being up to no good a lot of the time, but they go anyway.
  • That's unfair
  • The worker at the store ignores T.J.'s list and helps out the two other customers including a girl and a woman. The worker helps the other two customers and Cassie objects in anger, the worker says something really offensive and caused Cassie to run out the store.
  • Ok, here's my list-
  • (Ignores T.J.) Welcome ma'am whats your list?
  • i need pork
  • Hello i have my list
  • As Cassie runs out the store she collides into Lillian Jean Simms Causing Mr. Simms to intervene.
  • Mr. Simms tells Cassie to apologize, she rejects to and he grabs her arm and physically making her apologize.
  • No!
  • Apologize!
  • Big Ma intervenes and makes Cassie apologize so she wont start a consequences with the Simms. Cassie apologized but highly agree's that it was unfair and is angry. The trip to Strawberry was horrible, Cassie had no expectation of this. Well the saying goes "you cant expect the unexpected."
  • Cassie apologize please
  • Sorry >:(
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