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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Immune System
  • killer T cells-they coordinated a plan but they did not have the numbers to win so they called reinforcements
  • Macrophage- first to attack the attackers but they weren't enough of them so they called for the killer T cells to make a new plan for attack.
  • They were overwhelmed they had no choice but to call for help
  • pathogens -viruses,germs,bacteria,parasites and are a threat to the immune system
  • an endless battle that went on forever until the cells defeated the pathogens and saved the immune system
  • Antigen and Antibody-attact and destroy the cells one by one
  • B-cells-the key reinforcements that started attacking the pathogens
  • memory cells-remembered the pathogens and knew to defeat them and asked for some help from the helper T cells
  • but even after they returned even stronger but the memory cells fought them off with the help of the Helper T cells.
  • Helper T cells-they are helping the memory cells defeat the pathogens
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