Forgiveness or Justice: Can't it be both?
Updated: 3/11/2020
Forgiveness or Justice: Can't it be both?
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  • ..."scream" Go Away!
  • Hey cousin!
  • seriously, this is the last straw...
  • What is going on?
  • what is going on?
  • This is the beginning of her day, but not her story. She is a survivor and refugee of the gulf wars. The kids in her school don't know her background, so they bully her for her scars and skittish nature. she just doesn't want the attention so she tries keeps her head down.
  • Her cousin on the other hand, has lived in the U.S his whole life. She always feel that he doesn't understand the freedoms he has. This is just another instance where he has "taken advantage of" his freedoms. It irritates her that he ate all the breakfast food. It might seem small, but when its your routine after a war, its hard to break.
  • Why do they bully me... Why did I take it out on my cousin?
  • Look at her, she is so weird.Yeah, why can't she be normal
  • The silence in the car is stiffling as her cousin and her deal with their anger at each other, hers at him for being ungrateful, him at her because she blew up at him for seemingly no reason.
  • I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, after all we've been through I should have told you rather than taking it out on you.
  • I forgive you, After all, you have forgiven my craziness, and they got justice for what they did.
  • They arrive at school. She had been dreading coming back. The bullies are always there. She just held out hope that this time the teachers would catch them. instead something better happens.
  • The bullies once again toke action an bullied her for things she can't change. Then an unexpected thing happened. Her cousin stood up for her. This was surprising because he was a "popular" kid and she had yelled at him that morning. He felt that she dealt with enough that a little forgiveness was necessary.
  • They forgave each other for their short comings and finally the bullies know her story because her cousin told them. This is the end of the day, but not her story.The kids were all ashamed of their actions and started to accept her for who she was as she started to forgive them. Their shame was justice enough for her. THE END!
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