indian Imperialism

Updated: 1/12/2021
 indian Imperialism

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  • Sepoys
  • they really think there going to gain control...funny
  • jewel of the crown
  • Cotton
  • Tea
  • Indian national Congress(1885)INC
  • We the Hindus, want self government. We and the Indians are very upset that Britain segregated Bengal into Hindu and Muslim sections.
  • Sepoys were Indians who joined British Armies in India. Most Sepoy had helped kings fight for power in India and eventually take political and economical control. Eventually the British had gained total control.
  • Sepoy Mutiny
  • We both resist. We are Muslim and Hindu and it goes against our beliefs!!
  • India was known to Great Britain as "The Jewel of the Crown" because of the large amounts of raw materials like, coffee, tea, and cotton that was exported to Great Britain. Unfourtanetly, this had came with India being forbidden to trade and India was required to buy finished products from Great Britain.
  • The Raj
  • The British rule!!
  • We the British rule!! From 1757-1947 the Indians were under our control!
  • We the British, control British trade here in India
  • The Indian National Congress was mostly made up of Hindus, who called for self government. The Indians were upset that Britain segregated Bengal into Muslim and Hindu sections in 1905. When 1911 came along, Britain changed the order of segregation.
  • British East Indian Company.
  • The sepoys were Indian soldiers who fought for the British. But however, the British came up with new ammunition that the seals of their ammunition had to be bitten off which contained pork that Hindus/ Muslims can not eat because it went against their religion. A rebellion had begun when 85 sepoys refused for the new ammunition. Intense fighting and rebellion spread across India and many sepoys were sent to jail. The British then sent troops to stop the rebellion.
  • You must need to accept and open up to the new form of ammunition.
  • The raj was a time period when India was under great Britain control. India was divided into 11 provinces and 250 districts. Mutiny increased distrust between British and Indians; it fueled more British racism towards Indians.
  • The British have all the control they want over me.
  • The British East India Company controlled British trade in India and eventually the country gained political control over Bangladesh and southern India. The company's army was led by British Army soldiers.
  • I guess we have no choice but to follow the rules they provide us if they gained the political control over India.