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Updated: 3/5/2020
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  • France was a very once wealthy country. Its downfall began with the government not collecting taxes from nobles. To take the burden the people had increased taxes.
  • France is Poor
  • The meeting of estates was called by Louis XVI. The King,nobles and a peasants all had representation. Since the nobles and King had power, they could get there way
  • Meeting of Estates
  • The peasants were outraged about the fact they didn't receive good representation, almost like they didn't matter. They wanted new order and so they created the National Assembly of France
  • Death to the nobility
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • The peasants then decided to take action. They stormed the government building, freed all the prisoners and burnt it down to ash.
  • Storming Bastille
  • The Assembly put together a Declaration of rights that would bring change to speech,natural rights and religion
  • Rights Of Man
  • Declaration Rights Of Man
  • King Louis tried to flee France. He was halted at the border and was executed for being a trader
  • The death of King Louis XVI
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