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Quimestral historia 1
Updated: 6/30/2020
Quimestral historia 1
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  • The Weimar Republic
  • We are going to implement the peace treaty imposed by the allies.
  • Good idea as our first task
  • The fault is because of Jews
  • War could be won if the army have been betray by politicians and protestors
  • I will combine antisemitism with popular resentment
  • Political nationalist party
  • "Applauding"
  • The political parties met to suppress the uprisings, which establish the Weimar Republic. As their first job what they do is the peace treaty imposed by the allies.
  • I thought we were going to overthrow the political party
  • Nationalists and veterans believed that if some politicians did not betray the army, the war could have been won. Out of Hitler's fanaticism, he began to blame the Jews.
  • We are returning to the old Germany, follow our party
  • At the time Hitler was successful, he joined a nationalist political party, at the same time his speech brought him to the leadership and attracted quite a few people, combining anti-Semitism with populist resentment, which the Nazis denounce communism as much as capitalism
  • Hitler
  • I want to postulate as president
  • President of Germanyy
  • I won the elections
  • Hindenburg
  • After a moment of trying to overthrow the political party, they failed and their party was banned, which sent Hitler to jail
  • 1929, the Great Depression occurs, which left Germany's economy worse, Hitler began to persuade people that they were going to return to former Germany
  • 1932, Hitler runs for president, but loses election with von Hindenburg.
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