The masque of the red death

Updated: 9/28/2021
The masque of the red death

Storyboard Text

  • poor people and the prince
  • prince Prospero and the party
  • guess who
  • there was a prince called prince Prospero he was wealthy and lived in a fortress and the rest of the village were all poor people and there were a virus which took lives of a lot of people each day
  • the prince and the run
  • The prince made a party which he invited in only wealthy people
  • Different room
  • someone who wasn't invited started walking around the fortress as he know it
  • What???
  • The prince started running after him from room to a room
  • the prince entered 7 rooms while running after the person who was not invited
  • When the prince entered the last room he found this person and when he took off the cloack on this person he found nobody and died and every on in the fortress died