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Glorious Revolution Comic Strip
Updated: 9/22/2020
Glorious Revolution Comic Strip
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  • Charles II Becomes King
  • We rejoice!
  • James II inherits the throne
  • We do not want you to rule!
  • I am King James II
  • James II displays Catholicism
  • I appoint you to the high office
  • When Charles II was crowned, the people were happy. Since the monarchy restored from the era of Oliver Cromwell, causing his reign to be called the Restoration. During this period, the Parliament set up the Habeas Corpus act.
  • Fear of Catholic Kings
  • Did you hear? The King has a son!
  • Since King Charles II did not have a child, his brother James became the next king. There are two political groups, the Whigs who opposed James, while the Tories supported him.
  • Mary and William Overthrow James II
  • James II violated the law and appointed Catholics to the high office. Complaints aroused and the protestants were not happy.
  • Mary and William's Coronation
  • We vow to rule alongside the Parliament!
  • The second wife of King James II gave birth to a son, so the protestants feared that the line of Catholic kings will continue.
  • Oh my! Will the line of catholic kings continue?!
  • Seven members of the Parliament invited Mary, a Protestant daughter of James and her husband William, a prince of the Netherlands, to overthrow King James. They succeeded because James fled to France, and this is called the Glorious Revolution.
  • We would like to invite your majesties to overthrow King James
  • When Mary and William became king and queen, they vowed to rule alongside the Parliament and consented to the Bill of Rights. Causing the country to become a constitutional monarchy.
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