Updated: 4/29/2020

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  • Praying and reading Quran are essential because it keep us in contact with Allah.
  • "Praying in a group is twenty seven times more worthy than praying alone."
  • Performing Zakat, and in English charity or alms to those in need is really important especially in Ramadan. It's the 3rd pillar of islam.
  • Decorating for Ramadan is something most muslims enjoy the most.
  • We are not limited to only decorate indoors. Some take th next step and decorate outdoors or even on the streets!
  • When the 'Maghrib' prayer starts that's when we can eat 'iftar'. The table is usually filled with lots of food and many many people gather together! That's the best thing!!
  • When it's time for 'suhoor' at night, a volunteer takes the job of going around beating on a drum, waking up people to eat 'suhoor' before they start fasting again for the next day.