battle of tours
Updated: 2/11/2021
battle of tours

Storyboard Text

  • get out!
  • NO!
  • Muslims terrorized French territories which caused the Franks to throw the Muslims out of their territories. The Muslims then returned seeking vengeance.
  • .
  • Wanting to negotiate, Edues, one of the Franks, gave his daughter to a Muslim named Othman to represent their peace making, this made the Frankish mayor furious and caused him to kill Edues and Othman, ending their peace and causing warfare.
  • we surrender!!
  • Both armies stood in place for six days watching each other. The French wore disciplined manner while the Muslims held an unjustified manner.
  • The seventh day, the battle began. The Franks started the battle but weren’t prepared for what they were against. The Spanish governor was killed and the Muslim troops retreated that night leaving the French in victory. The French believed it lasted one day while the Muslims believed it was two days.
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  • Because Abd er Rahman died, the Muslims were left leaderless and couldn't fight without him. Because they couldn't fight, they could not make an attack against Europe again.
  • Because of this war, croissants were created. Bakers made bread in the shape of the crescent on the Islamic flag to shows that they won the battle.