Literature WA2 2020 - Linus Wong 2E3 (38)
Updated: 4/16/2020
Literature WA2 2020 - Linus Wong 2E3 (38)

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  • I've got a cousin who lives around here somewhere. Tipped me off that it'd make a tuff hide-out in case of something
  • Man, this place is out of it. What do they do for kicks around here, play checkers? I ain't never been in the country before. Have you two?
  • Dad used to take us all huntin'. I've been in the country before. How'd you know about the church?
  • I guess so.
  • I was scared. I still am. I guess we ruined our hair for nothing, Ponyboy.
  • Blast it, johnny, why didn't you think of turning yourself in 5 days ago?
  • Johnny, i think our lighted cigarette bud caused the fire! It is all our fault!
  • I agree, Ponyboy! We need to save the kids!
  • I told them not to play in the church...I told them!
  • How many more kids to find?
  • I think that's all the kids. Let's get out of here before the church collapses!
  • Where am I? How's Johnny and Dally?
  • We are inside an ambulance. We think Dally will be okay. He got one arm badly burned but he will live. I'm not too sure about Johnny. His back was broken when a piece of timber fell on him. He may be paralysed forever.
  • I'm so sorry that i slapped you, Ponyboy, please forgive me!
  • I miss you guys too! I'm sorry i ran away!
  • We thought we lost you forever, like Mum and Dad.
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