Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • General Characteristics
  • Mr. Child, based on the LAS, what are your findings? How typical are these students?
  • With regards to interest, the males gravitated to activities that are of a practical nature while the females are quite conservative.
  • Cognitive Skills & Entry Competencies
  • And what about their Cognitive Skills and Entry Competencies?
  • Most of the students are technologically savvy. As per the previous knowledge, the females possess the pre-requisite skills in the subject area while the males are not as competent.
  • In terms of Cognitive Skills, they can be regarded as mostly average students.
  • Learning Preferences
  • Okay. Now, tell me about their Learning Preferences.
  • The students can be classified as a class of mixed Learning Styles. They are a typical group.
  • The Head of the English Department- Mr Child- met with the Principal - Mrs Stowe- to discuss the Learner Analysis Survey (LAS) conducted on the Grade 5 Language Arts students.
  • They also discussed the Cognitive Skills & Entry Competencies of the Grade 5 students.
  • It was concluded that the Grade 5 Language Arts class is a diverse group of learners. Overall, the LAS suggests that they are a typical group of students.