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Updated: 7/30/2020
Chez's Profile

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  • Hi, my name is Chez and I have autism. I am 6 years old and I am in Kindergarten. Let me tell you a little about myself.
  • I like to dance and listen to songs. I also like to jump on the trampoline and bounce on my therapy ball. I especially love the song Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
  • But I struggle with a few things. Sometimes it's hard for me to share. I have a hard time in math too. I feel scared asking for things I want and need. It's hard for me to stay focused when I am frustrated.
  • When it's hard for me to talk, sometimes I use my IPAD to help my teachers understand what I want or need. I can also answer questions on my IPAD.
  • I incorporate different strategies to help Chez. Modifying lessons and providing differentiated instruction is a must! Allowing him to use manipulatives and always praising him also helps!
  • I love earning dojo points and playing with my squishy ball when I do a good job.
  • Hi Chez! Ready to go home?
  • I take the school bus to and from school with some help.