Stress Storyboard
Updated: 2/15/2021
Stress Storyboard

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  • Stressor
  • Lots of Homework
  • I get distracted often and forget to do it
  • I sleep late and wake up late
  • Barley get any time to do otherstuff
  • Worried
  • Response
  • Unmotivated
  • Tired
  • When I am feeling stressed I relax for an hour or so. I stop doing my homework and go for a walk around my apartments which i use to do when i had walking for life last semester and it helped feel relaxed by clearing my mind. I also relaxed by watching a movie or a show and getting to do homework right after.
  • Coping Strategy
  • My Thoughts
  • This school year i started getting more stressed than any other year. Mostly because it was online this year, I felt overwhelmed by the work and how to turn it in. I couldn't get used to a routine so i can be organized with everything and started doing homework whenever i could. As the year went by I got used to doing all that stuff but sometimes i couldn't because i got distracted a lot. When i do my homework i start overthinking for example i start thinking did i do this right, am i giving too much info and I just don't do it and get unmotivated. I stay up late finishing some work which results in sleeping late.