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Updated: 1/6/2021
Romeo and Juliet Storyboard

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  • Act one: started with two Capulet servants Sampson and Gregory loitering on the street, waiting for some Montague servants to pass. They banter, using sexual innuendo and raunchy puns to joke about women. They know that the law prohibits fighting. When the Montague servants Abram and Balthasar arrive, Sampson bites his thumb at them (which is rude but not illegal). Abram confronts Sampson and a fight begins. Benvolio, Romeo's cousin, arrives to discover the fight in progress. Drawing his sword, he commands them to stop. Then, Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, walks onto the street. Upon seeing his rival, Benvolio, Tybalt also draws his sword, reigniting the altercation. The Citizens of the Watch have spread the word of the street fight, and Prince later arrives before anyone is killed. The Prince chides the Montagues and the Capulets for their mutual aggression then he orders everyone to return home and cease hostilities at the risk of great punishment. The family asks Benvolio where Romeo is, and he tells them that the boy has been in a strange mood lately. When a somber Romeo finally appears. When Benvolio asks Romeo about the source of his gloom, Romeo explains that he is pining for a woman named Rosaline, who plans to remain chaste for the rest of her life. This unrequited love is the cause of Romeo's depression. Paris asks permission to marry Juliet, but Paris should be patient since Juliet is only thirteen. However, Capulet does grant Paris permission to woo Juliet and thereby win her approval.
  • Act one prt2: Capulet then hands his servant Peter a list of names and orders the man to invite everyone on the list to the party. Peter cannot read, so he asks them to help him interpret the list. Upon reading the list, they discover that Rosaline will be at the Capulets' party. They decide to attend. At the Capulet home, Lady Capulet asks the Nurse to call for Juliet. Juliet arrives and Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Paris’s intention to marry her. The mother describes Paris as beautiful, comparing him to a fine book that only lacks a cover. Juliet does not promise anything to her mother, but she does agree to study Paris that night. Romeo, Benvolio, and their friend Mercutio walk through the streets to the Capulets' party. Romeo remains depressed over Rosaline, so Mercutio tries to cheer him up. Romeo hushes him, admitting his concern about attending a party at the home of his rivals. At the party, Romeo mopes in the corner, away from the dancing but he notices Juliet and falls in love with her immediately. Tybalt overhears Romeo asking a servingman about Juliet, and recognizes the masked man's voice. Romeo approaches Juliet and touches her hand. They speak together in a sonnet, and Romeo eventually earns Juliet's permission for a kiss. However, before they can talk further, the Nurse calls Juliet to see her mother. As the party winds down, Juliet asks her Nurse about Romeo. When she learns about Romeo’s identity, she is heartbroken to find out that she has fallen in love with a "loathed enemy".
  • Act two scene one: Romeo traded his "old desire" for a new affection. Juliet has also fallen in love with Romeo, even though their secret romance puts Romeo and Juliet at risk. The setting is in the street and Romeo escapes from Mercutio and Benvolio which causes them to stop searching any farther for him. Romeo has successfully jumped over the Capulets' garden wall and is hiding under Juliet's balcony. She soon appears and, says "Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?". She wishes that Romeo’s name were different so that they would not be enemies. Romeo overhears her, which confirms his own feelings so he interrupts to confess his own love. Act two scene two-five: Benvolio tells Mercutio that Romeo has not yet returned home. He also states that Tybalt has sent Romeo a threatening message. Juliet’s Nurse and Peter later arrive and ask to speak with Romeo. The Nurse explains that Juliet will meet Romeo and marry him. Romeo proposes they meet that afternoon at Friar Laurence’s chapel. Juliet waits for news from the Nurse. When the Nurse eventually arrives, she tells Juliet the plan for her to meet Romeo. At the chapel, Romeo and Friar Laurence await Juliet’s arrival. The Friar cautions Romeo to "love moderately". Juliet soon appears, and Friar Laurence brings them into the church to be married.
  • Act Three: Tybalt and Petruccio see them first and start a quarrel. Tybalt makes it clear that he is looking for Romeo, whom he wants to punish for sneaking into the Capulets' masked party the previous day. When Romeo arrives, overjoyed with his recent marriage, he is deferential to Tybalt, insisting he harbors no hatred for the Capulet house. However, Mercutio challenges Tybalt to a duel, so he draws his sword and attacks Mercutio. Romeo attempts to intervene, holding Mercutio back. While Romeo is restraining him, Tybalt stabs Mercutio and then exits quickly. Mercutio is mortally wounded and chastises the Montagues and Capulets for encouraging such violence. Benvolio soon returns with news that Mercutio has died. Romeo vows revenge on Tybalt, who soon reappears. Romeo and Tybalt duel and Romeo kills Tybalt. Benvolio tells him the entire story, but the Prince refuses to hold Romeo blameless. Instead, he banishes Romeo from Verona, insisting the boy will die if he does not obey. Juliet later delivers one of the play’s most elegant soliloquies about her beloved. The Nurse enters, distraught and speaking unclearly; Juliet can only discern that someone has died and that someone has been banished. She allows Juliet to believe that it is Romeo who has been killed. When the Nurse finally reveals the truth, Juliet immediately chides Romeo over his pretense of peace and contradictory violence.
  • Act three prt 2: Overcome, Juliet laments Romeo’s banishment and claims that she would rather have both her parents killed than see Romeo suffer such indignity. The Nurse promises to find Romeo. In the chapel, where Romeo is hiding, Friar Laurence informs the boy about his punishment Romeo considers banishment a fate worse than death since it will separate him from his beloved Juliet. The Nurse arrives to find Romeo collapsed on the ground, weeping. She orders him to stand, but he is so upset that he prepares to stab himself. The Friar then convinces Romeo to visit Juliet that night and to escape to Mantua in the morning. Lord Capulet decides right then that Juliet will marry Paris, and that the wedding will take place later that week. He comments, "I think she will be ruled / In all respects by me". Romeo and Juliet lie in her bed, pretending the night has not actually passed. The Nurse arrives with news that Juliet’s mother is approaching, so Romeo descends from the balcony and says goodbye. Lady Capulet tells Juliet about the plans for her marriage, believing it will cheer her daughter up. However, Juliet refuses, insisting she would rather marry Romeo Montague than marry Paris. Act Four: At the chapel, Paris speaks to Friar Laurence about his impending wedding to Juliet. Juliet, in search of Romeo, arrives at the chapel and finds Paris there. Forced to speak with him, and he behaves arrogantly now that their wedding is set. . However, Juliet rebuffs him with her vague answers, and then finally asks Friar Laurence if she might speak to him alone.
  • Act Four part 2: When the Friar assents, Paris is forced to leave. Friar Laurence proposes a complicated plan to help Juliet reunite with Romeo. The Friar will give Juliet a special potion that will effectively kill her for 48 hours; she will exhibit no signs of life. Following their family tradition, her parents will place her body in the Capulet vault. Meanwhile, Friar Laurence will send a letter to Romeo, instructing him of the plan so that the boy can meet Juliet in the tomb and then lead her away from Verona. Juliet approves of the plan.
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