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Sarah Foster
Updated: 12/17/2018
Sarah Foster
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Theme, Symbol, and motif

Storyboard Text

  • The Conch
  • The signal fire
  • Ralph (the leader)
  • The conch was apart of the theme of Importance in the book. The conch was a way to signal everyone on the island for a meeting, it was used to help maintain order by allowing only the person holding the conch besides the leader to speak, and as a way to try to signal ships with blowing it.
  • The Beast
  • The signal fire was apart of the theme of importance in this book as well due to its main use of signaling a ship to be saved.
  • Stealing Piggy's Glasses
  • Ralph, the leader, is symbolic to the theme of importance. Without their leader the kids would be out of control and be totally and utterly lost.
  • The Beast is a symbol of violence because it was one of the main causes to the kids killing Simon. They believed that he was the beast and without hesitation, murdered him. From when they discovered the beast, to when it floated away, it was complete chaos.
  • Piggys glasses are a symbol of
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