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haunted house
Updated: 11/17/2020
haunted house
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Storyboard Description

dad and daughter live a supposed sweet home, little do they know a not so sweet, unwelcome visitor lives there to.. a young woman who was brutally raped and murdered by a group of men, a cult. and her duty I to kill every child that dares to scream, as she was killed for screaming for help.

Storyboard Text

  • spiriting home, dog chasing him. using dolly camera motion
  • oh no, the baby! common boy..*whistle*
  • *woof* *woof* *wimpers*
  • daddy help me! this lady won't go away *cries* *sobs*
  • pan around the room, then wide angle shot, toddler crying and screaming, lights black out..
  • *witch cackle* heheh she mine-
  • *squeak*
  • light back on, poltergeist mid close up and screams, fall back tradition (like main character passing out)
  • MINE!, hahaha
  • wakes up to where his wife died 5 years ago(she was paralysed due to past events)
  • No, Darling I'm sorry it was. you or our daughter, I didn't know they would do what they did to you *screams*
  • wakes up at home, realising his daughter has gone missing *distant laughing "I told you she is mine, she's dead"*
  • ahh thank god it was only a dream. wait a second where is Ava
  • NOOO, my baby girl daddy is sorry *cries/screams*
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