Glass Castle 180 - 188 Pg

Updated: 3/19/2021
Glass Castle 180 - 188 Pg

Storyboard Text

  • The mother wants them to kiss Erma's dead body and all refuse. Erma dies and there mother makes a big deal about her killing herself and what not. On the way home the kids make it clear that they all didn't like Erma.
  • Her mother tells her that she's the only one that her father would listen too and has to go get him. She has to track down and bring home her father from the bar. A guy takes them home in his truck and accidently offends her.
  • no
  • Go Home
  • There uncle fell asleep reading comic books and smoking a cigarette. There grandfather and uncles house burns down. They move into an apartment that has working plumbing.
  • FIRE
  • Something in a mine breaks and a very large amount of water rushes out. The Town Floods and washes away a lot of places. There house in un affected because it is on a large hill.
  • *in there back yard* Her and her brother find a diamond ring under a old rotten log. They show it to there mother and she keeps it for herself to boost her self esteem.
  • She figures out that her father is a problem and tells her mom what to do. She tells her mother that she should divorce her father. Her mom says no and is ashamed that she would even say something like that.
  • no
  • divorce him