The Bomb Virus By :Evan Blair
Updated: 11/2/2020
The Bomb Virus    By :Evan Blair

Storyboard Description

The Bomb virus is a virus that hides on a computers hardrive and waits until specific conditions are met for it to activate.

Storyboard Text

  • Waiting
  • I need to wait for the perfect time to attack and infect his computer
  • Execution
  • Finally he has arrived almost time to infect and destroy his computer.
  • The Process
  • Now that he has clicked the check mark lets show him what I can do and take all his sensitive information
  • The Bomb Virus is waiting for the conditions to be meant (for him to click the check mark) to activate.
  • The damage
  • Now I will start deleting all his information and files
  • The Bomb Virus is waiting till he clicks to activate
  • What's done is done
  • I was programed to delete all his files and I have done that there is nothing elnce I can do, the damage has been done!!
  • The conditions were met for the Bomb Virus to activate now it will do the task it was programed to do witch is destroy and take all his files.
  • Nothing left
  • HAHA all he is left with is a screen and a mouse!!
  • The Bomb Virus will do what it was meant to do witch is to ruin his computer by taking and destroying all his private information
  • The Bomb Virus has done what it was meant to do and now that it is done the virus can leave/execute. The Virus is done.
  • Now that the virus is done he is mad about what happened so he is determined to prevent it from happening again by updating his antivirus software and to scan his files more often to look for virus
  • I am not going to let this happen again, I will update my antivirus software and scan for virus in my files more often