the stormy night

Updated: 4/14/2021
the stormy night

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  • Good evening Casca. Have you take Caesar home?why are you so breathless? so wide-eyed?
  • Aren't you upset the entire world shakes as if its insecure? Oh, Cicero, I've seen tempest when violent winds have split substantial oaks. I've seen the aggressive ocean swell, grow angry, and break into foam, to join the threatening clouds on high. But never till tonight never till now have i ever endured a tempest featuring balls of fire either theres a civil war in heaven, or else the world has grievously offended the gods, and provoked them into sending down destruction.
  • Why did you see anything else that was strange?
  • Men, covered with fire, walk up and down the streets.And yesterday the owl, a night bird, sat At noon in the marketplace,Hooting and shrieking. When strange events like these Happen at the same time, no one should say,"There are explanations, these are natural events,"For I believe they are bad omens For the place where they happen.unscorched. Also--I haven't put my sword away since this happened--At the Capitol I met a lion,Who glared at me, and walked by in a bad temper Without bothering me. And there were huddled together In a heap a hundred pale women,Changed by their fear, who swore they saw but his hand,Not feeling the fire, remained;An ordinary slave - you know him well by sight - held up his left hand, which burst into flames and burned like twenty torches put together
  • Indeed, the times are strange.But people can interpret events the way they want to,No matter what actually causes the events.Is Caesar coming to the Capitol tomorrow?