The outsiders assinment
Updated: 5/2/2019
The outsiders assinment

Storyboard Text

  • The Chapter starts off with Johnny and Ponyboy running away from home and into a park that is very abandoned.
  • Bob and Randy (Socs) show up to "bust up" both of them because early they saw them with there girls. (There are also five other socs with them.)
  • This scene shows that Pony boy is now being drowned by one of the Socs. It also shows Johnny killing a soc because he was so afarid of what would happen to Pony boy if he didn't do something
  • Johnny and Pony boy have to run away to get away from the cops and to get away from getting into more trouble than they already are.
  • Pony boy and Johnny seek refund in a church so they can survive the night and won't have to worry about the police.
  • Johnny and Pony boy see that they were the ones who started the fire. They notice that there are also little kids in there and try to save them.
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