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Macbeth review
Updated: 9/21/2020
Macbeth review
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acts 1- 5

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  • The Tragedy of MacbethByWilliam Shakespeare
  • Who are you 3 hags?
  • All hail Macbeth, Thane of Glamis - Thane of Cawdor - and king thereafter!
  • The bell tolls for thee!!!
  • Through 5 acts we see how Macbeth progresses and eventually reaches his downfall!
  • Thy bones are marrowless! Thy blood is cold!
  • An armed head
  • Macbeth has won many brave battles with a fierce veracity. He has been given a prophecy that he will soon move up in his position, "...go pronounce his present death/ and with his former title greet Macbeth. With the prophecy being true he becomes ambitious and his wife aids him in thoughts of murder and treason against the king.
  • A bloody child
  • A child crowned with a tree in hand
  • The murder has transpired. Macbeth is guilt ridden and almost keeps the evidence with him. The king's sons flee Scotland and the blame is wrongly placed upon them, "...the kings two sons are/ stol'n away and fled," and Macbeth is wrongly crowned as king.
  • Onward to claim my rightful place as king!
  • Macbeth sends assassins to kill Banquo, "...and with him leave no rubs nor botches in the work...", as Macbeth feels Banquo could suspect his treason. Banquo's death literally comes back to haunt him during a dinner with many lords. The main witch, Hecate, finds out about the prophecies given and becomes angry and commands the witches trick Macbeth.
  • The three witches give Macbeth a new prophecy under the command of Hecate. These prophecies give Macbeth false security and he feels himself to be invincible, but kills people he finds troublesome anyways, "The castle of Macduff I will surprise." The king's son has been putting together a military to take back Scotland.
  • Lady Macbeth goes to suicide to deal with the guilt of killing the previous king. Malcolm's military begins their attack upon Macbeth by using trees to disguise them. Macbeth slays many of the military, but he cannot kill what was not born of a woman, Macduff, "from his mother's womb/ untimely ripped." Macduff kills and beheads Macbeth and bestows Malcolm his rightful place as king of Scotland.
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