Alex and Max II
Updated: 4/9/2021
Alex and Max II

Storyboard Text

  • Good morningWant some breakfast
  • Good morning sure
  • Um no I'm happy with Max he is very nice sorry
  • Cynthia I'm sorry can you please move the bunkbed and we share a room
  • The girls room no boys sisters, please
  • lets go get that breakfast
  • Yeah
  • Please say yes I'm really sorry
  • NO!! and STOP asking me
  • Yeah and Alexa isn't invited
  • oh Alex... stop asking her you 6th grade nerd
  • Lets go to the skate park today
  • DUH
  • Sure sounds fun
  • Hi max, Hi Cynthia want to come over for a sleepover
  • Sorry this place is such a mess we just moved in and the moving truck got lost
  • Yeah
  • I'm coming
  • it doesn't matter this was a good Idea
  • come up already
  • There you guys are I've been looking everywhere for you i made the girls room hahahahaha
  • Just ahu up for once Alexa