Updated: 2/22/2021

Storyboard Text

  • At first, Tree-ear accidently knocked over one of Min's pieces and Min got mad at him ."Thief, he screamed. How dare you touch my work." Min was more upset after discovering Tree-ear had been secretly watching Min work for many days. Min made Tree-ear work for him to pay for the broken piece.
  • In the middle, after Tree-ear had worked for Min a bit, Min didn't hate Tree-ear as much. Min said "You were long enough in returning. He said with a sniff." Min didn't have as harsh of an attitude to Tree-ear like the beginning of their relationship.
  • Last, Min became happy and fond of Tree-ear when he told Min he had received a royal commission. "Would it be agreeable if we were to call you Hyung-pil from now on?" This was a big honor because Hyung-pil was named after their son Hyung-gu, who had died. Tree-ear was like their adopted son now.