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The Terrible King
Updated: 11/16/2020
The Terrible King
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  • Once upon a time there was a terribly misogynistic king. He believed that women were only good for cleaning and treated every problem in a facetious manner. He hated all the people of his country called Klowbacia. The only reason he is a king now is because his dad was the previous king of Klowbacia.
  • He such a mean king that instead of helping old lady's cross the street, he pushes them across the street. I mean he has such a noxious attitude it's not even funny. Sometimes I wonder how much better our country would be without this bovine leader as it's king. It definitely would be a much happier place to live that's for sure.
  • The thing that leaves me in aw is the fact that I am abhorring someone who was born from the best leader Klowbacia has ever had. The past king was so kind and erudite person could be related to such a terrible person like our current king Chronos. Chronos is just so far from being a great king like his father it's sad. I can only hope that during this upcoming election someone like Chronos's dad wins.
  • For the past couple of days a new candidate named Boe Jiden has struct hope in the people of Klowbacia. He has even promised to shut down the factories that are polluting our air. Chronos opened the factories when he became king so he could bilk us Klowbacians. All we can do now is hope that Boe wins the election and becomes the new king.
  • During the debate Chronos kept saying rude and disgusting lies about Boe. Thankfully, unlike Chronos, Boe is a very placid person and just tried his best to get his point across to the Klowbacians. The king continued to spat lies of how Boe committed blasphemy and for a little bit people actually believed him, but because everyone was so replete with hate for Chronos they quickly came to their senses. Tomorrow the results will be in and we will know who the new Klowbacian president will be
  • The results came in and Boe Jiden won by a landslide. It wasn't much of an anomaly though because he was the obvious choice for our next king. Boe Jiden started to immediately get to work on doing everything he could to pick up after the mess Chronos left. Everyone was so happy to once again have an amazing king and we can't wait to so what Klowbacia's future has in store
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