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Hero or Zero Project
Updated: 11/21/2019
Hero or Zero Project
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  • The Biggest Hero The Greeks Wish They Could Be
  • By: Tati Medina
  • Dad- does whatever it takes to protect and provide for our family.
  • A hero to me is someone who does whatever it takes to give the people around them whatever it is they need to survive, feel safe, be happy.
  • Mom- sacrifices countless times to do what makes me and my sister happy
  • Cullen Hodges- spends her life trying to help people and need and make everyone around her feel loved and beautiful.
  • One of my most heroic times of my life was fighting in the Trojan War. After 10 gruesome years I, the smartest of the group, came up with the winning plan. I led all the men there to a victory with my cunning plan.
  • Another display of my heroic actions would be the time when I single handedly saved my men from becoming addicted to this odd plant called lotus. I was a strong leader who took control of the situation and got them back to the boat.
  • A final example of my finest actions would be when I took down 100 young men all by myself. Using my smart action planning skills and amazing fighting techniques I eliminated everyone unloyal to me and reunited with my beautiful wife and son after.
  • If I'm being humble though, I did have a few hiccups on the journey back. We'd probably be better off I didn't go storm on the cyclops's homeland. It was also probably not the best idea to try and fight off scylla.
  • But despite those itty bitty bad parts, I handled the journey back like a champ. My plans were 99% fool proof. I learned to learn from my mistakes during the journey and grew as a leader. Like a true hero.
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