Morro the god of ice

Updated: 5/22/2020
Morro the god of ice

Storyboard Text

  • who are you
  • your nightmare
  • This is Morro and he is a god of ice,he has the power to use ice. He needs to drink water to use his power because that his father is a god of fire.His father is Forlock and his mother is Shear a god of ice.
  • He went to an ice cave and found a mysterious figure in the same cave.
  • You need to train son.
  • Train?
  • It was a god and his name was Thothra a god of elements and because that Morro had one of his powers he trapped him in ice.
  • 1 week later his father Forlock found him in the ice and because he is the god of fire he was able to melt the ice that Morro was traped in.
  • After Forlock freed Morro he brought him to train just in case he ran into Thothra in the future.
  • Legend says that he is still training to this very day because he is worried about Thothra finding him.