villain quirk
Updated: 2/23/2021
villain quirk

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  • c'mon lets go before she controls us
  • hi my name is Shiro Akame I live in a world where 80% of the population has a rarity, a super power, or how we call it here a quirk
  • the reason people are talking about me is complicated so let me explain. in this world there's 5 types of people: the quirkless, useless quirks, practical quirks, hero material quirks and of course "villain" quirks
  • hey! leave them alone
  • hey shut it she's coming.
  • sigh... here we go again
  • ugh... i hate her, Akame thinks she is all of that..
  • no... please... leave me alone
  • you may have guessed it but i have a villain quirk so most either resent me or fear me. My ability is called puppeteer, allows me to control other peoples movements so it has to pierce the limb that is needed to i can see why people would be afraid of me,my face is the literal definition of " if looks could kill. but not everyone is like that.
  • well that was a tough day...
  • what was that?
  • Even if I always mean good it’s not gonna change the fact that people will only see me as a monster. the other day as saw someone that inspired me, he had a quirk labeled just like mine going against others with hero like abilities so i'm going to help people with my quirk too one way or another.