Updated: 3/12/2020
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  • Shall we solve the money issues, my King?
  • We shall do so!
  • Why has the King disbanded us?
  • We shall never separate until a written constitution is made for France!
  • BASTILLE IS OURS!We shall take what is rightfully ours!
  • Summary: The meeting of the Estates General, is related to the French Revolution because a French congress that originated in the medieval period and consisted of three estates. The Estates General is chosen by King Louis XVI so it doesn't represent democracy
  • Women deserve RIGHTS!We need to fight for what we believe in!
  • Summary: The Tennis Court Oath is related to the French Revolution because the Estates General was chosen by King Louis XVI but they believed that the King disbanded them and so they called themselves the General Assembly and took the Tennis Court Oath. This is still not a democracy because the Estates General made their own group.
  • Whyyyyy?This can't be true!
  • Summary: The storming of Bastille was caused because the fortress was a hated symbol of the monarchy that held political prisoners. This is beginning to lead to democracy because the people are rising for their rights and power to govern themselves.
  • Summary: The march on Versailles was an angry mob of nearly 7000 working women. It what was to be a pivotal event in the intensifying French Revolution. This is leading more to a democracy because women are trying to fight for their freedom.
  • Summary: The Reign of Terror the true phase of the French Revolution. A stage where many innocent people were persecuted.
  • Summary: The great military general Napoleon was rising in power when he fought and won multiple important battles to keep France protected. This made him a military hero.
  • I Napoleon gained political power in France!Indeed I was the one who led the Battle of The Three Emperors!
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