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Morgan Lee-Taxation Comic
Updated: 10/16/2020
Morgan Lee-Taxation Comic
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  • Why??
  • We cannot afford to pay the soldiers anymore.
  • We are going to have to start smuggling our money.
  • Open up!!
  • Honey, they've come to our house.
  • We are fully allowed to come in here
  • No, I have stopped getting the news paper.
  • Our portions of food have to be smaller because we can't afford things imported in with these new taxes.
  • They are setting us up in a trap aren't they?
  • Well, they are lowering taxes for the molasses!
  • Have you heard the news?
  • So you are saying we have to pay a lot to eat every night?
  • I think only our own assembles should tax us.
  • Why does there have to be so many taxes?
  • Many colonists started smuggling their money as a way to stop paying the many taxes, or just because they could not afford to pay anymore.
  • You should boycott the British goods!
  • Since this smuggling went on, George Grenville, the prime minister, helped Writs of Assistance form, as officers were allowed to search anywhere for smuggled goods.
  • With these new taxes having to be paid, all of the colonists were outraged. They decided to protest against all of these new unfair laws that violated their rights and freedom.
  • The Stamp Act is repealed.
  • Some colonists went over to the British stores and asked them to boycott goods, and as that spread the British lost so much money.
  • The colonists even went out onto the streets to protest for their own rights. They also burned effigies of famous tax collectors in protest.
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