the velt
Updated: 12/1/2020
the velt

Storyboard Text

  • George you need to go check out the nursery it giving me a weird feeling.
  • Is the my wallet ?
  • This theme has been here for days it has not changed!
  • We are going to turn of the nursery for good.
  • No! You can't do that
  • I wish you were dead George.
  • Lydia and George are concerned about the nursery and go and check it out.
  • George wake up! Did you hear that.
  • Mother! Father! HELP!
  • When George and Lydia go look at the nursery they realize that Africa feels to real and deiced to call a physiologist.
  • Wendy and Peter don't respect their parents and talk to them by their name and when the George and Lydia tell them they are shutting of the nursery they throw a tantrum.
  • A cup of tea?
  • In the middle of the night George and Lydia here screams that sounded very familiar to them and then after here their kids scream after them.
  • Lydia and George run to the nursery after hearing screams coming form there rushing to help Peter and Wendy.
  • The psychologist shows up to the Smart House and calls out to George and Lydia but they are no where to be found. The psychologist does to the nursery to see if they are there but little does he know what he just walked into.
  • Hello?! George! Lydia!